The boys caught up with the great Maxime Vachier-Lagrave while in Toronto, and took a deep dive look into his major episodes of his life and chess career, the infamous Feller cheating scandal, his motivation going into 2024, and much more! 👕 GET YOUR MERCH :











00:00 intro

01:06 CCT Tournament

02:15 Format of CCT

10:40 Wesley So

12:16 Armageddon

15:23 MVL talks about his fast play

16:06 Famous game against Ian

18:06 MVL dominant score

13:10 2021 World Champion

25:05 Will classical game survive in future?

28:46 how did life change after becoming a champion?

30:06 Having a good poker face

31:20 Hikaru has the worst poker face

32:36 Magnus curses in Norwegian

33:53 Wesley and Leinier fight club moment

34:31 Chess players nerves

39:06 how to bounce back

40:53 COVID

43:35 Speed Chess Championship

45:03 The SCC BEAST

45:29 Online Speed Chess vs OTB Speed Chess

46:27 When did you start playing chess?

48:51 Playing bullet with touchpad

49:38 French team

51:19 Olympiad 2022 India

53:38 Alireza

54:32 how important is the captain?

57:51 Marc'Andria Maurizzi

58:48 FRA Chess Team

1:00:17 How is your motivation level?


1:13:53 choice of opening

1:17:27 Decreasing attention span in chess

1:19:06 College

1:24:45 Major Olympiad cheating case

1:31:06 Spectators in chess

1:35:05 Cheating in online chess

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