The boys caught up with @JamesCantyIII while in Toronto, and had a deep dive look into Canty's life as a chess professional. We talked about his upbringing in Detroit, finding chess at an early age, and being able to turn his passion into a full time job. Enjoy! 👕 GET YOUR MERCH : ▶️PLAY WITH US : ▶️DISCORD : ▶️TIKTOK: ▶️CLIPS CHANNEL 🎞️: 🐦TWITTER 📸INSTAGRAM 🐦TWITTER FABI 📸INSTAGRAM FABI 🐦TWITTER CRISTIAN 📸INSTAGRAM CRISTIAN 00:00 Intro 01:25 James Childhood 04:44 Cool Chess Guy of the school 6:01 Fabi was little but VERY STRONG 08:07 Maurice Ashley as a mentor 10:59 Bringing fun to chess 15:02 Sponsors 19:47 Have You Always Been Business minded? 25:59 Early streaming days 29:10 New chessable course 33:05 Hikaru Nakamura 35:42 Favourite part of chess 38:38 how do you deal with failures? 41:49 Chess is the most written about subject 42:33 Do you still read chess books? 44:15 Flow state in chess 46:16 Endgames 49:39 Commentary, Playing or Streaming? 57:42 No more 9-5 58:44 James as a mentor

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