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Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro

00:10 FIDE Grand Swiss discussion

03:07 Fabi's decision to play the GrandSwiss

08:16 Why a coach is important during competition

13:36 game analysis

21:17 game against Hikaru

27:43 game against Keymer

30:19 Vidit Gujrathi

32:42 Alireza

41:15 Erigaisi

44:18 Sindarov

45:14 Fabi's rant

50:13 will Magnus play candidates?

51:52 Ding's health issues

53:56 Rapid and blitz during Christmas

1:06:07 How does Fabi gets ready for tournament?

1:08:49 Cristian first jiujitsu competition

1:11:49 outro

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